Welcome Friends!

I am truly grateful you are here. I hope that you are blessed however long you visit. My prayer is that you find within this site, fresh perspective.

My blog is The Untethered View. Untethered by definition means to not be tied down or limited. How things, others and God are viewed can be through a clouded lens for we often base on our experience and understanding. What if there is more to what we see?

Treasures daily abound yet I know for me I have to pause, step back and reflect on what is before me or I might miss their value and beauty.

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Freedom and … new steps of surrender

And then…came a different dance. I was lost in the melody, my ear attuned for the expected. The tempo shifted ever so slightly, and my footing grew unsteady. The music became more insistent, and my repertoire of steps somehow wouldn’t mesh or mingle with what the music was asking of me. All I knew was…
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Get back up and DANCE Part 1: Discovering the beauty

Get back up and dance.  This is where I find myself yet again. Standing here awaiting the music to begin. A new season is upon me. A different melody sets my heart and feet to moving yet it’s still the same production. Pain comes as I learn these new steps, but I keep dancing until…
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The Next Step

JUST TAKE THE NEXT STEP  The music keys up in the background. I don’t look at the ensemble or the audience. I don’t dance for them. I dance because it is part of me, it is a gift that I have been given and to be still is to be shackled to that which has…
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